Public Transport

In order to benefit from online tickets or discounted passes by means of the “24pay” application, the TUIASI students have to go through the following steps:

  • Go to the faculty secretary office during the public working hours in order to take the ElStudIS Card, which will be valid for the whole studentship period.
  • Download and install on a smartphone the “24pay” application from Google Play or App Store.
  • In the section “Public Transport” of the application, select the option “Bilete reduse” [Discounted tickets].
  • Scan the QR code on the EIStudis Card that you were handed in at the secretary office.
  • Choose the type of ticket or pass you want.
  • Click on the “Cumpără” [Buy] button to make the payment.
  • A confirmation message for the transaction will be sent.
  • If the transaction was successful, you will receive on your phone a QR code representing the electronic purchased ticket or pass, as well as information about its validity.
  • The validity of the ticket /pass could be checked at any time in the section “Portofel” [Wallet].

According to the personal situation and to other criteria established by the university whose student you are, after the QR code scanning, you will have partial, total or restricted access to tickets from the following categories:

1. Tickets and passes at 50% discounted prices for the self-funded students aged under 26:

  • 30-day pass, zone 1 – 40 lei/item
  • 1-way ticket, 120-minute validity – 1.25 lei/item
  • 24-hour pass – 5 lei/item
  • 7-day pass, zone 1 – 10 lei/item

2. Special price passes for the funded students aged under 26:

  • 30-day student pass – 6 lei/item, starting with 1 February 2019;

3. Students aged over 26 do not benefit from discounted prices for local public transportation. Thus, a pass costs 89 lei. They do not need the ELStudIS card any more, they only need to download and install on their smartphone the “24pay” application from Google Play or App Store.

4. Erasmus incoming students
In order to purchase a 30-day discounted public transportation pass, the Erasmus incoming student has to follow these steps:

  1. contact the International Relations Office – Erasmus +; here, they will be issued a certificate in Romanian, with all the necessary information: last name, first name, home university, TUIASI faculty where the mobility takes place, the period of stay.
  2. with this certificate, with the identity card/the passport, with the student card stamped to date and a paper photo, they could buy a pass for 6 lei at the CTP (Public Transport Company) unit in front of the residence hall T17.

The pass has a 30-day validity, while in order to renew it, they will repeat the above-mentioned steps.

For further information about the ElStudis card, please go to:

The purchased ticket or pass allows you to use as many means of transportation as you need, on any route, in the period and the zone/zones of validity. On request of the ticket collector, you will present the active ticket on your phone. The ticket collector will scan with their own telephone the QR code associated to the presented ticket or pass, in order to confirm validity. A refuse to show the active ticket on the telephone is considered to be a contravention.

The students who will not wish to use the “24pay” application, but to purchase paper format passes, will have the possibility to buy the pass form the CTP kiosk in front of the residence hall T17, on the basis of the certificate issued by the secretary’s office of the faculty, which mentions if they are funded or self-funded students, and whether they are aged under 26.

The students who lose their ELstudIS card will have to pay a 15-lei tax.
In this case, you will have to follow these steps:
3.Go to the secretary’s office of the faculty to announce the fact that you lost your card;
4.After the new card is issued, you will be contacted by telephone by the Student Services Office (DSS) to be announced the date when you have to go to the CTP (Public Transportation Company) headquarters, str. Silvestru no. 5, in order to receive the new ElStudIS card and to pay the 15 lei tax.