The Police


The Police Office for the University area of Iasi is the police structure serving universities of Iasi; one of the counselling centres where the students can submit notices, plaints and complaints is on “Tudor Vladimirescu” campus.

“Tudor Vladimirescu” campus, hall of residence T21, B, ap.1;
Police station of the Municipality of Iasi – Str. Otilia Cazimir no. 14

In case you were victim of an attack, of a crime or if you are in an emergency situation, call the POLICE immediately at 112 – free call.
The neighbourhood policeman for the “Tudor Vladimirescu” campus is police chief agent Gabriel Sandu.
He can be contacted by – tel: 0756.157.821 or e-mail:

Police recommendations for a life without problems on the campus

For your safety and the safety of your goods, the neighbourhood policeman recommends that:

  • You do not forget to lock the door during the night;
  • You make sure, when you leave your room, that you locked the door, as well as the windows if you live on the ground floor, even if you are missing for a short period of time;
  • You do not get suddenly close to accidental acquaintances or to persons you do not know; avoid alcohol consumption in such cases;
  • You do not allow access to your room to persons you do not know or to accidental acquaintances;
  • You do not give away the key of your room, thus making possible that copies of the key be made;
  • You be aware that trading goods of any type and the provision of services in the halls of residence contravenes the law, represents an offence and is sanctioned with fines and confiscation of goods. Furthermore, these activities facilitate the access of wrongdoers to rooms, creating thus the possibility for them to steal the students’ or the University’s properties;
  • You do not walk away from your mobile phone or other valuables under no circumstances, not even in the faculty halls;
  • You avoid buying products online, unless you have real minimal data about the seller;
  • You avoid displaying ostentatiously valuables or jewelleries;
  • Owners of vehicles do not leave inside their cars, in plain view, valuables or other objects that might attract possible criminals’ attention;
  • Cars should be parked in lighted places or near the halls, in order to be easily monitored;
  • During trips by means of public transport, you keep the money, personal documents and other valuables you have on you safe;
  • You avoid being unaccompanied in unlit and/or desert streets/places.