Network, internet and cable assistance


Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi launched an online ticketing solution, through which students will be able to report all the problems they encounter on campus in their daily life. Thus, the campus administration will do away with the classic dormitory complaints notebooks, in which students could write down the faults in their dormitory rooms.

In the online application, 3 categories of problems have been predefined:

  1. TV Cable– complaints that will be fixed by the technical support of Vodafone Romania SA.
  2. Internet connection related complaints – to be handled by the University’s IT and Digital Communications Department.
  3. Technical problems that students will encounter in their room or on the common areas of the dormitory, as follows:
    a. heating or sanitary installation
    b. electrical installation
    c. carpentry (doors, windows, furniture)

These problems will be remedied by the employees of the Maintenance Workshop of the Technical Office of the Directorate of Student Services.

The working hours of the intervention staff are Monday to Friday from 07.30-15.30.

Students are asked to report directly to campus administration any other type of problem that is not predefined in the online ticketing system. The email address to which they can make such referrals is

The application has been developed in-house by employees of TUIASI’s Information and Digital Communications Department.

Through the online referral application, the campus administration will improve student services, more efficiently allocate human resources, optimize the cost of materials needed for troubleshooting, reduce the time it takes to fix interventions in dorm rooms, and have constant feedback from students.

The ticket should contain all the location information required by the system as well as as much information as possible on the nature of the problem and when it occurred. In order to get the best picture, it helps a lot if students attach a photo of the reported fault to the ticket.

Other useful information:

– The registration of the ticket will be automatically confirmed by e-mail.
– Each ticket will receive an identification number and an access link.
– The technical support team will update the status of the ticket and may request additional information.
– the ticket will be used to communicate with the technical support team.