Utilisation Regulations for the Sports Base extracted from the Regulations for Organisation and Operation COD. REG.33 approved by Senate Decision no 129/17.05.2019

The persons using the sports base have the following rights:
a) The students have free access to the sports base outside the Sports classes hours, in accordance with the permission of the Administration Council of TUIASI; thus, the students will have the possibility to make a scheduling request at the administrator of the sports base. The students’ access to the sports base is possible without a reservation within the constraints of available choices.
b) The students are to address the administrator of the sports base for any complaint about the way the sport equipment work, about the sports base employees’ behaviour, about the compliance with the hygiene and health standards.
c) The students should be provided with hygiene conditions in conformity with the specific health regulations.

The obligations of the persons using the Sports Base:
✔ to preserve and to use in a civilised way the equipment of the sports base;
✔ to have on them the student card / the student report card or any document attesting to the status of student of the university, in order to be allowed to enter the sports base;
✔ to use spare shoes when entering the sports halls;
✔ to wear adequate equipment for the sports activity in question, sports shoes and sportswear;
✔ to comply with the established schedule in the tables;
✔ to abide to the hygiene and health norms;
✔ to wear a decent outfit in the sports base and have a respectful behaviour with the staff;
✔ to keep the sports base clean;
✔ to pay for any material damage they might have caused to the sports base;
✔ to comply with the instructions for use of all equipment in the strength training hall and in the fitness hall and to get informed, under one’s signature, about the way the machines in the strength training hall work. The instructions are displayed, in Romanian and in English, at the entrance to the hall and inside the hall;
✔ to be aware of one’s own health status, of possible conditions registered in the records of their family doctor and which require special precautions while playing sports;
✔ to take responsibility for possible accidents in case the previous item was not complied with;
✔ to use each piece of the equipment in conformity with its destination, without damaging or causing equipment to fail to function; in case of equipment destruction they are liable to pay damages on the actual cash value basis;
✔ not to endanger their own lives or the lives of other users present in the sports base during the activities;
✔ not to play other games than the ones a field of the sports base is intended for;
✔ to adopt a civilised behaviour with the other users of the sports base and to use appropriate language and tonality;
✔ not to create tense situations between the persons present in the sports base, by using offending words or calumnies;
✔ to comply with the legal rules in force related to material and criminal liability.

The following activities are forbidden to the users of the Sports Base:
to take out of the premises of the sports base any piece of equipment, materials, etc.;
to enter storehouses, storerooms and other areas reserved to the personnel;
to enter the sports base with pets;
to enter the sports base with alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances;
to consume alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances;
to enter the sports base under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
to change the position of machines in the strength training hall, the fitness hall or the sauna;
to manipulate the net posts;
to enter the sports fields or halls by bicycles, scooters, motorcycles or cars;
to tinker with switches, sockets and electric panels, bulbs, neon lights, radiators and water installations, etc.;
to smoke in the premises of the sports base.