The Counselling Centre of TUIASI

The Counselling Centre of TUIASI promotes, first of all, the well-being of the students of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, wherever they might come from!
Dear international students, this is the place where, together with Romanian fellow students, you can participate in personal development or career orientation training courses.
Furthermore, you can join us as volunteers in different events (RIUF, Job Fairs, University Fairs).
As this is going to be your home, for a longer or a shorter period of time, for as long as you are TUIASI students, as specialists of the Centre we are close to you, through the services that we provide you with, every time you will need us.
We are going to carry on activities by means of which you will get to know each other and yourselves better, you will be able to uncover your interests, your passions, your abilities and your own pathway.

Here are some of the activities that the Counselling Centre of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi carries on for all of its students, from all the countries that TUIASI has signed agreements with:

Information, orientation and counselling of undergraduates and graduates, by means of:

  • educational and vocational counselling;
  • psychological counselling and evaluation;
  • career counselling;
  • group training courses of personal and professional development, on different topics.

Activities related to an increase of the undergraduates’ and of the graduates’ degree of employability, by providing services such as:

  • training sessions on the preparation of the employment portfolio, simulations of job interviews;
  • individual, personalised meetings of career guiding;
  • organisation of presentations of companies and job fairs;
  • training sessions for the development of the students’ transversal skills;
  • conducting periodical studies and analyses about dropouts, the graduates’ employability, the impact of the vocational counselling and guiding services, as well as putting forward improvement measures;
  • elaborating and implementing specific tools to monitor how graduates join the labour market;
  • participating in activities organised by the alumni.

The elaboration and implementation of projects targeting students

  • alongside all the Student Leagues and Associations, with the Faculties, and the other organisational structures of the University,
  • alongside the Office of International Relations Erasmus +, we are involved in actions especially organised for the international students, contributing to the strategy of internationalisation of TUIASI, by developing and diversifying the support activities for education and research, in order to better promote the university’s image abroad and to become part of the global community.

Dear international student, going back now to a less technical dimension of what we are and what we do, what is important to know is that you are always welcome at us, on Tudor Vladimirescu campus, halls of residence T1-T2!
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We look forward to meeting you here where you can always make new friends!
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