Utilisation of the strength training hall within the Sports Base

1. The strength training hall is on the first floor of “Tudor Vladimirescu” on-campus sports base building, located at Aleea Prof. Vasile Petrescu no. 31A, registered in the Land Registry with number 160836-C16, mentioned under article 5, point 7, letter B, a) about the assets of the Sports Base.
2. The persons who have the right of entry to the strength training hall are the students of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, as well as the students of the other universities of Iasi who are accommodated on “Tudor Vladimirescu” campus.
3. Entry modality: the students can enter the strength training hall on the basis of a request addressed to the administrator of the Sports Base and of a certificate issued by the doctor, stating that they are physically apt for weight training and for physical effort.
4. The hours: the students are allowed to enter the hall by appointment, from Monday to Friday between 6.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m., and from Saturday to Sunday between 3.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. A maximum of 20 students can work out in the hall at the same time.
5. The obligations of the users of the strength training hall of the Sports Base:
✔ to wear adequate sportswear: sports shoes, shorts, T-shirt, gloves, towel, etc. Access to the gym is not allowed without sportswear;
✔ to use a towel during the training;
✔ to use their own towel when in contact with different types of machines or equipment pieces;
✔ to warm up with ligaments exercises before weight training, for about 10 minutes;
✔ to work out with big weights only under the supervision of a training partner;
✔ to solicit a partner’s support when training with barbells;
✔ not to let fall the dumbbells or the weight disks on the floor;
✔ to announce immediately the personnel of the sports base in case malfunctions of the equipment are observed;
✔ not to speak on the phone during the training;
✔ to free the machines up during the pauses between exercises;
✔ not to use the hall if they suffer from contagious diseases;
✔ to comply with the scheduling hours, or else the reservation becomes null;
✔ not to consume alcohol before entering the strength training hall; the access to the strength training hall is forbidden under the influence of alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances;
✔ to keep minimal distance from other users of the equipment, in order to avoid possible accidents or creating discomfort to others;
✔ to be aware that the administration of the sports base is not responsible of the accidents that might occur during trainings;
✔ to keep the place clean and orderly;
✔ if speaking, by phone or with a colleague, to keep the voice volume to an appropriate level, so as not to disturb other students.