Buddy System

Buddy Systems (BS) is an initiative of Vicerectorate for International Relations which recruited and coordinates an enthusiastic TUIASI students team with the main aim of taking care of international students and Erasmus+ students living and studying at TUIASI. Along with International Office representatives, TUIASI Buddies can organize various events, on-line and on-site and help TUIASI international colleagues to enjoy their experience in Iasi.
Each TUIASI Buddy has the first contact by email with international student and Erasmus+ student before his/her arrival at TUIASI, helping him/her to organize the trip to Iasi. Buddies are happy to answers any students’ questions about various information like: how they can get to student or academic campus, how to open a bank account, how to use the public transport in Iasi, about academic timetable or recreational activities.

The main aim of Buddy System is to bring international students closer to their TUIASI colleagues and help them with everything they need to overcome initial difficulties in a foreign country.

Who are Buddies?
Enthusiastic TUIASI students who
☻ care about their international colleagues
☻ feel no stress to interact with others and make new foreign friends
☻ want to improve their foreign language knowledge and skills
☻ want to explore new culture right in their city
☻ help foreign students to immerse into Romanian culture

What are Buddies doing for international students and Erasmus+ students?
☻ make them feel like home
☻ take care of them and also advice them
☻ stay connected and guide them to a facil integration into Romanian culture
☻ organize informal meetings and various events, on-line or on-site

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Last update: October 2020